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I’m Nicola Fulstow, the Owner of Label 8.  I TRANSFORM THE WAY WOMEN FEEL ABOUT HOW THEY LOOK.

I’ve been a Personal Stylist for forever, working with real women to help them feel better about their wardrobes.  In 2014 my life changed.  I had our first daughter.  Only THEN did I truly realise just how difficult staying stylish becomes when you have no time or space to dress yourself properly.  Not only that, but you’re dealing with a whole new set of issues – boobs, bumps, breast-milk….Read more about My Story here

No wonder mums get lost when it comes to their style after they’ve had kids!


What I Do.

Women so often are held back in life because of how they feel about the way they look – their body, clothes, style, hair etc.

LABEL 8 say NO MORE!  We’re letting that shit go and helping you to embrace what you have.

LABEL 8 is about adapting your daily habits, routines, self-talk and wardrobe to enable you to SHINE BRIGHTER.

It’s sometimes quite difficult to describe what I do and how I help women –  some call me a Personal Stylist, Body Confidence Coach some call me a Personal Trainer.

Basically my role is to take you from feeling BLAH to feeling BRILLIANT about how you look.

I’ll help you to:
– Transform your wardrobe, and take it from boring to ‘together’ and stylish.  See Wardrobe Consultations and Personal Shopping
– Transform your body through taking care of yourself more consistently
– Transform your MIND so you stop sabotaging your success and keep ending up where you started.

I’m going to help you find your inner BODY CONFIDENT BOSS and unleash her on to the world.



My speciality is helping women to rediscover, redefine and reinvent themselves.  Both in their personal appearance, approach and in their careers and businesses.

Before I became a Mum I had worked for 8 years as a Personal Stylist and Personal Branding Expert.  I helped hundreds of women all over the UK (and abroad) who were feeling lost.  Lacking in confidence or just uninspired with their style, I helped them to feel back in control and look, of course, AMAZING.

Alongside styling and shopping for women who wanted to feel more ‘together’ again, I also worked with women who owned small businesses with big ambitions.  My role here was to help these women rediscover their true vision.  To brand themselves and their business correctly, and essentially make more money.  I’m proud to say I’ve worked with businesses who have gone on to be successful, inspirational and award winning.

I regularly featured in the national press and women’s glossies, including Easy Living Magazine, Glamour, Red Magazine, Daily Mail, Daily Express.  On occasion I was interviewed for BBC Radio Manchester as a style expert.  During this time I also featured as Freya Lingerie’s Blog Star, and wrote a weekly column for them on how women could make the most of their wardrobes.

Life was good.  Money was good.  We went on luxurious holidays and indulged ourselves.  We got married and had a small but lavish wedding in Amalfi.  We felt on top of the world.

NOW I’LL ADMIT THE TRUTH TO YOU…..Then we had our first beautiful child, and it all went a bit….errrr hectic and wrong.  I became lost in the wilderness for a good 3 years (during which we had daughter no. 2)  before I fought my way back to living a life I love.


Total Transformation


I like to feel I was always good at my job in transforming an element of women’s lives but now, having experienced a lot of intensely challenging situations over the last 4 years, I think I can call myself an expert in this field.  Alongside all my knowledge in self-development, life coaching, personal styling and personal training, AS WELL as a large amount of knowledge about how to change in-grained behaviours, habits and self-defeating behaviours (yup, we have an autistic child who is doing miles better than she was 2 years ago!), I think I’m equipped to help most women get out of a hole.

I always had a niggling feeling deep down that there was MORE I could do to help my clients as nearly 95% of my client base wanted to make other improvements in their lives with their health, fitness, bodies and their general confidence and approach to life.  It seems that when women wanted to make a change in their appearance, or how they were being perceived by others, it often means that there is more work to be done on their mindset, health, organisation, fitness and self-worth.

Essentially us women want to FEEL TOTALLY IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.  We all know life loves to throw a curve ball at us, but for the best part, we feel happy if we feel like we’re in the drivers seat of most areas of our life.

However in order to set off on a successful journey it’s useful to have CLARITY, DIRECTION and STRATEGIES THAT WORK.  This is what LABEL 8 is all about.

Join me in having your #BESTYEARYET

I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.


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