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The Practical Stylist helps you to detox, declutter and revitalise your wardrobe and style through face to face and online stylist services.

Founded by Nicola Fulstow, a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper with over 10 years experience working with women of all different shapes, sizes and lifestyles.  Nicola has seen every wardrobe and style challenge in the book, and has helped hundreds of women who were feeling lost, lacking in confidence or just uninspired with their style, who now feel more in control again and look, of course, amazing.  Read more about Nicola here.

What Will The Practical Stylist Give You?

Imagine walking out of the changing rooms after trying on lots of instant ‘YES!’ outfits on, instead of huffing and puffing taking off yet another garment that fits badly and makes you feel old and dated.

You stroll over to the till, confident in the knowledge that you KNOW you will wear every piece that is in your hand right now, time and time again. Not only that, but you will ENJOY wearing them. You’re not ‘making do’ anymore. You’ve seriously raised your style game and people are noticing!

You can’t wait to get home and do a little fashion show for your other half who loves the confident new you! You spring up the stairs and put your new purchases in to your beautifully organised wardrobe, where you now can admire your plethora of gorgeous outfits to choose from for every possible occasion.

Not only that, but each time you leave the house you get compliments from friends, and even perfect strangers can’t help but comment on your outfit choice.

Your friend tells you that you look terrific. Have you changed your hair? Your make up? They ask ‘have you lost weight?’ The answer is no, but you sure as hell look and feel slimmer and younger than you have in years.

That spring in your step is well and truly back, and it’s not just there on special occasions when you’re dressed up to the nines. It’s every single day. Even when you are out with the kids, running errands, at work or visiting a friend. You always look so together and effortless.

  • Boost your confidence by taking control over your wardrobe again
  • Look effortlessly feminine, together and stylish EVERY DAY, not just on special occaisons
  • Look younger, slimmer and healthier by finding clothes that suit you
  • Stop wasting money on clothes you never wear!
  • Create more beautiful outfits that you love to wear
  • Get organised, and reduce your physical and mental clutter
  • Start to reap in those compliments!
  • Redefine your style to be the best version of yourself!

More Than Just Wardrobe Consultations & Personal Shopping

The Practical Stylist offers wardrobe consultations, personal shopping, events and online stylist masterclasses and sessions to helps you to free your mind and body of needless clutter and helps you to get organised.

We unblock channels that may have been holding you back (physically and mentally in some cases!)  We help you focus on who you want to be moving forward, and how you want your life to look.

The result?  A focused, more organised woman with a wardrobe that adds some effortless glamour to days that felt ‘average’ before.

  • Our Wardrobe Consultations will free your life of clutter, and make getting dressed a pleasure again, rather than a mad, stressful dash each morning!
  • Our Personal Shops help to prevent overwhelm by the sheer amount of volume and choice on the high-street, and drown out all the noise to focus only on the pieces that will make YOU feel amazing.
  • Our Online Stylist Masterclasses not only help you to define your future goals for your wardrobe, but women find it to be a cathartic process in defining what they want in their life, and sometimes have revelations about what it is that may have been holding them back in the past.

Re-Define, Re-Charge and Re-Invent

The Wardrobe Consultations, Style Consultations and Personal Shopping services that we offer help women to define who they want to be, how they want their life to look and together, we make a plan of how they’re going to achieve it.  Clothes are really just the icing on the cake, as you happen to look and feel fabulous at the end of it.

In reality, a session with The Practical Stylist or an online stylist masterclass is about defining the change you want to bring about in your life, and making it happen.  It just so happens to be wrapped up in the vehicle of fashion, as this is an area that often creates much overwhelm, and pressure in women’s lives; not to mention the physical clutter, wasted money on clothes that you never wear (which makes you feel terrible) and too much time spent every morning deciding what to wear (and still sometimes not feeling 100% satisfied with the result).   Plus fashion is what we know and what we’re good at!

However looking good can feel like such hard work at times!  Especially when you’re busy running your life (and possibly running the lives of your family, running a business or the other million things you do each day!) The Practical Stylist removes all the clutter (metal and physical), prevents the waste of money, energy of time, and gets you focused and clear on what you want to create.

Set Yourself Up for Success

A touch of ‘me time’ is essential for everyone, especially though for women who are usually masters at putting everyone else at the top of their to do list, and leaving themselves until last.  That’s why as well as face to face services, we also provide our online stylist masterclasses for women who struggle to create time and space for themselves.  We have a solution for every busy woman!

The Practical Stylist is about style that works for your life.  It’s about setting yourself up for success, and creating a mindset when you look in the mirror that you ARE at your best every, single, day.  It’s about having a work-able wardrobe that you LOVE to wear that means you say YES! to more things in life.

Women often know what suits them, they enjoy fashion and know what they like and want to wear.  However, sometimes life and our growing ‘to do’ lists get in the way of us keeping on top of our wardrobes, and one day we wake up with a wardrobe that doesn’t inspire us anymore.  It makes us feel ‘meh’ rather that ‘woop woop!’.

This might be no big deal at first, but slowly over time it begins to grind you down, as every day you leave the house feeling just ‘ok’, rather than fabulous.  You forget how amazing you can look with very little effort, and instead your ‘ok’ outfits start becoming increasingly more and more hard work.

There’s a reason people to refer to ‘retail therapy’.  That’s because looking good, makes you feel good.  And feeling good leads attracts even MORE wonderful things in your life.  Start to feel incredible in what you wear each morning, and all of a sudden life feels a lot lighter, and a lot more enjoyable.

This isn’t vanity.  It makes you feel amazing because you know you are making the best of yourself.   And life is all about making the best of yourself, so you might as well do it with some serious style.

Personal Stylist, North West

The Practical Stylist mainly offers wardrobe consultations, style advice and personal shopping services in Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool.  The Owner of The Practical Stylist, Nicola Fulstow has over 10 years experience styling women, and has been featured in and described by The Daily Express as one of the ‘UK’s Leading Style Experts’.  You can read more about Nicola, The Practical Stylist here.

The Practical Stylist are Personal Stylists based in the North West of England in Cheshire, where we offer personal styling services, personal shopping, wardrobe consultations and style advice for women.

Personal Shopping, The Trafford Centre

We mainly offer personal shopping services at The Trafford Centre, Manchester City Centre and Liverpool One as we are familiar with shops, the staff, stock and can therefore be lots more efficient with your time, and it enables us to provide the best possible experience for you!  When we are shopping somewhere unfamiliar, we can still make it work, but it means we aren’t as efficient and can’t cover as much ground.

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