My Story

My Story

The Practical Stylist grew as a result of me personally living through the exact experience that I had helped hundreds of women with during my career as a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper – having nothing (that I wanted) to wear, and as a result, it massively affected my self-esteem because I felt lost in terms of who I was.  This in turn, then affected my decisions about what I wanted to do, my goals and my dreams, and I became completely overwhelmed and depressed.

This didn’t happen overnight.  It was a build up of a number of dramatic changes and subtle shifts that occurred in my life that meant I became completely and utterly lost in terms of who I was and it was all reflected back to me in the mirror each day in terms of how unhappy I was with what I was wearing.  I lost all confidence, became completely frustrated and spent most of my days feeling entirely overwhelmed.  Not ideal.

Changes and challenges I experienced included: –

  • Being pregnant (spending 18 months out of 3 years up the duff!)
  • Giving birth to the girls and learning how to be a mum
  • Having no time for myself at all
  • Weight gain (pregnancy) and weight loss (and struggling to lose the weight)
  • Discovering our eldest child had social communication delay and potentially autistic
  • Breaking from work to become to mum (whilst the world continues to turn)
  • Becoming isolated and lonely at home up to my eyeballs in baby stuff (desperate for adult conversation)

These situations and challenges meant that when it came to myself I was:-

  • Spending no time focusing on myself
  • Felt drained by putting all my energy into others
  • Had no time to shop for myself
  • No time to reflect on who I wanted to be and how to change my life / get it back on track
  • Had no plan for my life (or my wardrobe) therefore each day was spent in REaction, rather than being PROactive.  For my wardrobe, this resulted in lots of spontaneous buys I hated wearing as they made me feel really ‘blah’.

However there are all kinds of reasons and changes that women go through that lead to a dent in their confidence in style, such as job changes, lifestyle changes, weight gain or loss, illness, bad relationships, kids, menopause – I’ve worked with them all!

My Personal Styling Experience

Having worked as a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper for nearly 10 years (spending a short period working as the Personal Shopper at SELFRIDGES), building the wardrobes (and often confidence) of hundreds of mums, business women and ladies of all different sizes, shapes and backgrounds,  I found it interesting that one day I stood looking in my own mirror, facing the exact same problem that I had encountered hundreds of times before – I had lost who I was when it came to my style.  Bugger.

It gave me the realisation that with all of my expertise, skills and background in fashion, I was still struggling with my wardrobe – and I had all the tools to put it right!  What about all the other women out there who didn’t have those tools.  That was the moment I knew I needed to help even more women rediscover their confidence with their image.  This time, I decided I could reach more women and help build happier wardrobes by putting my personal styling expertise online.  Why hadn’t that occurred to me before?

What’s The Practical Stylist About?

The Practical Stylist in an online hub on a mission to inspire, offer guidance, support and empower women all over the UK and bring back a bit of glamour and shine to your life.  My mission is to make women feel ‘fabulous’ in their clothes rather than just ‘ok’.

The Practical Stylist hopes to help women to rediscover and redefine their wardrobe and image after a period of feeling a bit lost and unenthusiastic about what they wear.

The Practical Stylist is for You if: –

  • You feel like you have nothing to wear
  • You feel like you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time
  • You’ve been through a major change (physcially, emotionally, mentally or in terms of lifestyle) and your wardrobe hasn’t caught up yet
  • You feel lost when you go shopping
  • You never feel like you are getting it ‘quite right’ when it comes to your wardrobe
  • Your clothes only ever make you feel as good as ‘ok’
  • You’ve completely lost your confidence and don’t know where to start
  • You don’t feel like you are really reaching your true potential in terms of how good you could actually look.

Get lots of FREE style tips and learn how you can look better directly from my own experience both as a Personal Stylist AND a woman who lost her confidence entirely when it came to her own image.