When You Have Nothing To Wear, Try This…

Do you often utter the words, I have nothing to wear when staring in to a wardrobe full of clothes?

Do you often try on a number of outfits before leaving the house?

Do you often feel a bit ‘blah’ about your outfit when you get to work and see what someone else is wearing?

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Summer Alternative to Jeans

So the weather warms up but you find yourself still wearing jeans every single day!!  You know there must be other options out there to wear instead of jeans, but you just can’t find the time to get out there and find the solutions!  Luckily we’ve done the leg work for you and found you some great alternatives to jeans for every day wear. Continue reading “Summer Alternative to Jeans”

Summer Style with Labels & Love

Lately I caught up with Owner of Cheshire Fashion Boutique, Labels & Love, Petrona Clayton.

Petrona exudes that utterly effortless glamour that most of us ladies want to achieve day to day, so I wanted to get Petrona’s take on some hot summer style topics that I am often working on with clients over the warmer months.  Plus of course, I had a nosey had the Labels & Love summer stock for style solutions for my clients.

Check out Petrona’s Top Summer Style Tips, and also some of our favourite pieces from the collection….

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The Power of Focus for Weight Loss: How this Mum Lost 6 Stone

Weight loss.  I don’t think I know a woman who hasn’t at some point in her life, dealt with this issue.

I’d like you to meet Rachel, Mummy to 2 young boys.

Rachel has done it.  The thing we all know is within us, but we often fail to achieve (time and time again).  She’s lost weight and kept it off.  Not just a couple of lbs, but over 6 stone!  Wow.

When I saw Rachel’s results, I just HAD to find out how she did it.  Being a mum of 2 young girls myself, I know how hard I’ve found it to lose the 30lb that I have, and this last 14lb does NOT want to leave me.  However when I’m honest with myself, I’ve not lost the weight because I’ve not put in the work!  Rachel HAS put in the work, and is now seeing the rewards and I simply had to share her success with all you other mums (like me) who feel like getting these results is impossible when you have young kids.

We all know it’s possible really, but we are simply using our busy (hectic / manic) lifestyles as an excuse for our lack of progress.  Rachel’s results are so inspirational because she gives all us mummies hope that we can all get there – we just have to work at it day by day.

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.”  Gretchin Rubin

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6 Ways to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Many women that I meet dream of having a capsule wardrobe.  A beautifully, organised, practical wardrobe that has everything you need for every possible occasion and you feel amazing in every, single piece you own.

However the reality of our wardrobes can be very different indeed!  We often have WAY more than we really need, and many items that haven’t even seen the light of day since we bought them!  Sound familiar?

It is true when I say that when it comes to my clients, most of them readily admit they wear 20% of their wardrobe, more than 80% of the time.  The Practical Stylist

So how do you even begin to build a capsule wardrobe?  What should you even be looking for?


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Packing Like a Pro

Do you ever dread weighing your case at the airport!! Eek!  How are you supposed to pack for 2 weeks abroad within your luggage allowance and have enough outfits to wear?  Nightmare!

However, when you get on holiday, do you find that you tend to have a lot of clothes left over at the end that you haven’t worn?  Do you have dresses that never saw the light of day and shoes that stayed in the case?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading “Packing Like a Pro”

Top Summer Cover Ups

Summer can be a tricky one for us Brits!  There’s often still a chill in the air, so we want some coverage, yet we don’t want to look all bundled up.  It’s summer for god’s sake!

One of your capsule pieces for this season HAS to be a summer cover-up – a jacket or something with a bit of warmth that will a) keep your arms warm and b) pull together your summer wardrobe!

We’ve scoured the highstreet to find some great spring / summer capsule wardrobe cover ups so here’s our jacket cull and some top tips to finding the perfect summer jacket! Continue reading “Top Summer Cover Ups”

Best Trans-Seasonal Pieces to Cope with the British ‘Spring’ Weather

You have no idea how many spring wardrobe consultations I’ve done where clients have already rushed out and updated their wardrobes with lots of lovely light floaty, bright pieces that are completely unwearable in the British summer.

Sometimes clients haven’t even realised that the reason they have never worn something or certainly had little wear out of it, is because in reality, sometimes we have truly shocking summers and we just don’t get the wear out of our ‘summer’ pieces.

I tend to have a really trans-seasonal wardrobe that I can warm up or cool down to accommodate most of the British weather.  I then have a very separate ‘holiday’ wardrobe that I only ever use when I’m away on my hols, or on a glorious summer day here in the UK.

Sometimes, we can get a bit carried away by the beautiful spring displays in the stores, as quite frankly, we wish that we could flounce around all summer in the UK in floaty dresses, sandals and white wax jeans.  However the British summer has other ideas. Continue reading “Best Trans-Seasonal Pieces to Cope with the British ‘Spring’ Weather”

Wearable Trend Report SS17

Sometimes, it can be hard to translate the trends on the catwalks to wearable trends that work for your life.  I’ve taken a few of my favourite trends for ss17 and compiled a wearable trend report to give you ideas and inspiration on how to take catwalk looks and turn them in to wearable pieces. Continue reading “Wearable Trend Report SS17”