Style Advisor Q&A: Christmas Party Style Dilemmas Solved!

You’re scouring the high-street and internet daily trying to find the perfect Christmas party style statement but getting nowhere!

We’ve got the style solutions you’re looking for….YOUR Christmas style questions questions answered.


Style Challenge: Pale Legs

My legs are really pasty, scaly and pale and I don’t have time to do all the prep required to get them in shape for my Christmas party.   I don’t want to wear a maxi dress as I’ve got quite shapely legs and would like to show them off somehow.  Any ideas?

Style Advisor:  Why not ditch the dress and opt for some sequin leggings or trousers this year.  Team with a fitted body and statement necklace or ear candy.  Alternatively you could look at a jumpsuit.  Just make sure with a jumpsuit you have someone to help you when you go to the toilet!!  I’ve made that fashion faux pas before!! 🙂


Coast, £79
Coast, £79
Whistles £239

Style Challenge:  Multiple Use

I’ve only got budget to buy 1 dress but I have a Christmas Party at a glamorous restaurant followed by cocktails; then on New Year’s Eve I have a wedding.  I also have a wedding in March that I’d ideally like to use the dress for again.  I’m 5’6 with quite an athletic build and a small bust and I tend to go for girly colours as I’m quite fair.  I like my shoulders and arms, but I don’t like anything too short as my calves are really muscular.  I don’t want a maxi dress as I think they look too formal.

Style Advisor:  This Coast dress ticks all the boxes.  It’s feminine and flirty and although it’s shimmery enough for any Christmas shindig, it’s not ‘sparkly’; so you can get away with wearing it for a wedding until the weather gets warmer.  The style of the dress will highlight your toned shoulders, and make your boobs look a little fuller due to the high neckline.  The length is elegant without getting in to maxi territory but still covers our calves.

Coast, £149
Coast, £149

Style Challenge: Arms

I have a decent figure but I don’t like my arms.  They’re bumpy and rough and I always feel like they detract attention away from my figure.  I’ve become very self-conscious about them.  How do I dress for a Christmas night out and disguise them without keeping my coat on all night?  I normally just wear a cardigan but it looks so naff.

Style Advisor:  Sheer panelling is your best friend and lucky for you it’s bang on trend right now!  Look for dresses which flatter your figure with sheer arms.  Or go for a little sparkly mini number with long sleeves.  It will hide your arms but show off your figure.


Warehouse, £59
Karen Millen, £235

Style Challenge: Mummy Tummy!

I’m fairly slim all over, about a size 12 – 14 but my tummy isn’t as toned as it used to be after 2 kids!  I like fitted style dresses but I can’t find anything that doesn’t cling to my mummy tummy!  Help!  What sort of dress styles should I be looking for to work best for my body shape?

Style Advisor: You have a few options.  You could go for something that is fitted, but in a non-clingy fabric, and with layers / details that disguise your tummy.  For example, this Warehouse Green Tiered dress is fitted, but flattering.

You could also go for a dress with pleating / ruching / draping / shaping on the tummy area that will disguise it well.  This dress from Karen Millen is worth a try!  It’s really flattering if you have defined waist but your tummy isn’t what it used to be.

Or you could go for a sequin tunic but opt for one with a fairly open neckline.  Anything too high, round or close to your face in terms of neckline will make your tummy look bigger and draw attention to it.

Warehouse, £89
Warehouse, £89
Karen Millen, £89
Karen Millen, £89
Miss Selfridge, £39
Miss Selfridge, £39
Karen Millen


Style Challenge: I Need to Flash Less Flesh

I’m young but work in an environment that’s filled with a lot of older ladies and gentleman. I want to dress my age and look and feel sexy, BUT I don’t want to flash too much flesh!  However I don’t want to dress in something that isn’t ‘me’, and I do like to dress a bit sexy to make myself feel good.

Style Advisor:  It’s always important to stay true to yourself when it comes to style otherwise you look (and feel) like an imposter, so I think you’re right to go with something that feels like you!  There’s lots of options right now that have panels of sheer coverage.  Try something like this and see how you feel in it.  Alternatively a mini tunic will flash just the right amount of flesh.

French Connection £75
French Connection, £180

Style Challenge: Sore Balls! 😮

My feet (particularly the balls of my feet!) absolutely kill when I wear high heels on a night out!!!  How can I look stylish and glam but not be in agony all night?

Style Advisor:  There are so many options these days for women (just like me) who struggle to wear heels for any longer than an hour.  There are a few options here – you could try platforms. I find these really comfortable personally!  Or you could try an ankle boot – sometimes the support around the foot makes them more comfortable than a sandal.  Lastly you can look at heel height.  You don’t have to go sky-scraper in order to get the effect.

Dune, £72
LK Bennett £265

Style Challenge: LBD Update

I love my LBD that I’ve had for years.  How can I update it so it looks more current?

Style Advisor: Easy.  Accessories!  I don’t know what the neckline is like on your dress, but you could try some ear candy which is the accessory for AW17.  However don’t overlook a statement necklace or some insanely fabulous shoes / bag to update your look.

Toolally at John Lewis, £45

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