Body Shape Guides

 “What Shape Am I?”

These books and guides are fantastic if you can categorise yourself in to a specific body type, but women find it extremely difficult to put themselves in to any of these pigeon holes. After all we are all different!

So although I have used my Body Shape Guides to provide general advice for people who know what body shape they are, I have also broken this guide down in terms of dressing certain physical characteristics that my clients have found challenging. So rather than just having ‘advice for pear shapes’ I have wrote the ‘pear shape’ guide for all women who want to dress to make their bottom half look slimmer.  I hope that makes sense?

Pear Shape (Main Challenge: Hips, Thighs and/or Legs)

Apple Body Shape (Main Challenge: Bust and / or Upper Arms and  Tummy)

Diamond Body Shape (Main Challenge: Tummy)

Strawberry Body Shape (Main Challenge: Bust and Shoulders)

Hourglass Body Shape (Main Challenge: Achieving balanced outfits)

Column Body Shape (Main Challenge: Want to look more feminine)

Bar Body Shape (Main Challenge: Want to look more curvy / less rectangular)

Plus Size Body

Tall Women 

Petite Women

Fashion rules ARE made to be broken, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, this is a good place to start!

Still struggling? Questions to Help…

  1. Do you wear a bigger size on your top half?  (Strawberry)

  2. Do you wear a bigger size on your lower half (Pear)

  3. Do you have a defined waist? (Hourglass)

  4. Are you quite up and down? (Bar)

  5. Is your tummy the main challenge area? (Apple or Diamond)

  6. Are you broad in the shoulders, back and bust? (Apple or Strawberry)

  7. Are your hips and shoulders about the same width? (Hourglass)

  8. Do you have a relatively flat chest or small bust?  (Bar or Pear)

  9. Do you have a large bust and tummy? (Apple or Column)

  10. Do you have defined hips, thighs and bum? (Hourglass or Pear)

  11. Do you have slim arms and legs (Diamond, Bar, Strawberry or Hourglass)

  12. Do you have bad posture? (Diamond)

  13. Do you have narrow, sloping shoulders? (Pear)

Obviously no two women are the same, but there are lots of similarities in dressing women, so breaking it down in to these body shapes is an easier way to teach you how to understand your individual body shape and enhance it through the outfits you create.

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