Maternity Style Advice

Maternity Style Advice

1) Secure Your Base Foundations

Like building a house on sand, the base for any perfect construction needs to be well defined to avoid the collapse of the whole building (or outfit in this case!) For super chic layering, make sure the under layers of your look are more fitted to your figure. This helps to define your shape well  and provides a good base to layer over the top of. Your under layer needs to be a good quality, well fitting and supportive top – a vest top in black always works wonders.

A good quality vest top is a vital investment during pregnancy as you will use it to layer under everything – especially handy when you find that you are ‘in between sizes’ and can’t do up all the buttons on a shirt or your favourite v-neck now seems too revealing! If you choose a longer line vest top that can be ruched up or pulled down (see Isabella Oliver for some great options) this can also be used under anything sheer that you want to wear without exposing too much flesh. It’s also ideal as a bit of a ‘spanx’ type solution – I always felt so much more secure and supported wearing my Isabella Oliver vest top under everything.

The last great thing about a great base maternity vest is that it can work wonders to keep your pants in place when they are a bit to big as you haven’t quite grown in to them yet OR if you are still wearing trousers but you can’t quite do up the buttons! It’s also brilliant post-birth when your tummy has shrunk but you are still wanting to keep in place your (now) stretched maternity leggings.

2) Keep it Simple

Keep the lines of your look simple and avoid any fuss, frill or too much detail or volume on the areas you are trying to slim down. For example if pregnancy has blessed you with an ample bosom, don’t go for a jacket with large lapels that fall on this area – instead opt for a more simple cut of blazer. If you’re hips and thighs seem to be expanding, avoid wearing layers that finish or fall on the widest part of your lower body (usually the hips) as this draws the eye straight to this widest part and gives the illusion of wider hips.

3) Don’t Blow Things Out of Proportion

Think of your body in two parts – the upper body and lower body. For successful layering, it’s essential to balance the upper and lower body when it comes to looking super stylish and making the most of the figure. Therefore if you are wearing a top or jacket with lots of detail, volume or embellishment, keep the bottom half more fitted and simple – and vice versa for the other way around.

If you are wearing a maxi dress during pregnancy and want to layer up, choose a shorter more fitted jacket or perhaps even a shorter fitted waistcoat in denim or leather. Wereas if you have found a pair of gorgeous skinny maternity jeans in a beautiful print or pop of colour, keep the upper body lines more simple and you can either opt for a long line drape blazer that finished on hips or a cardigan that goes anywhere hip length down.

4) Highlighting Your Pregnant Waist

If you still have a waist during your pregnancy you may want to highlight this with shrunken leather or denim jackets over tunics, dresses and maxis. Shrunken jackets that finish on the waist can look great on the pregnant figure as they show off your bump but still highlight your feminine curves. To really accentuate the figure, choose 3/4 length sleeves – this is even more flattering! Try rolling up the sleeves of all your jackets and taking pictures before and after- you won’t believe what a difference this can make to your figure (pregnant or not!)

5) Cool Layering

Layering doesn’t mean it has to involve sleeves! Think outside the box with denim waistcoats, maxi waistcoats, leather biker sleeveless jackets – it provides a more put together look without the additional heat! Like you need more warmth with all that extra blood pumping around your body!!

6) Maternity or Non-Maternity Brands when it comes to Layers?

The great thing about layering is that you can often use non-maternity brands to invest in. For example a kimono, cardigan, ponte blazer, maxi waistcoat, cape, poncho, denim shirt worn open etc are all options you can wear as you grow (and shrink post-pregnancy!) So when you are investing in layering pieces, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on the ‘right’ one and then get your wear out of it!

7) Think Price Per Wear

When selecting layers that you want to get your wear out of, ensure that the layer is a good capsule colour that can be mixed and matched with lots of things! Go for colours such as black, neutrals, greys for maximum price per wear!

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