Styling Golden Rules

Styling Golden Rules

Styling Golden Rules

Please remember, these styling golden rules are for women who are trying to build their confidence with their wardrobe and become un-lost.  These ‘rules’ are a good starting point to create some guidelines to help women to put together outfits more successfully.

Use these guidelines to assist you if you are having issues putting outfits together that you love!  I hope it helps!

  1. If you wear a looser, wider trouser or skirt, ensure the top is more fitted and tailored.
  2. If you wear a looser, baggier top, ensure the bottom half is closer fitting.
  3. Try to avoid putting bright colour, pattern, volume or eye catching details on places of the body where you want to detract from.
  4. Use points of interest and detail to draw the eye to your best bits and away from the areas you aren’t so keen upon for example necklaces are always great for bringing the eye up to the face and finishing off an outfit.
  5. Details also help to create more shape and volume to any outfit or body shape
  6. Wider trousers and bootlegs should be worn with a heel, preferably with a pointy toe (if wearing a low heel) or with a taller platform, wedge or boot; as wide trousers shorten and widen your legs. If worn with a heel you regain the balance and they can look fantastic.
  7. Straight leg, skinny and slim fit trousers which fit close to the ankle tend to look better with a chunkier shoe such as a platform, wedge, loafer, ballet pump, gladiator, chunkier boot; basically something with a rounder or squarer toe and / or some height!
  8. V-neck, deep or plunge style necklines tend to look better with shorter chunkier necklaces which complement the shape of the top better.
  9. Necklines closer to the face such as boat neck, slash neck, polo neck can make your boobs and tummy look bigger, so layer with a jacket, blazer or cardigan etc.
  10. Try to think opposites when it comes to your body and clothes for example, rounded shoulders require more tailored jackets or tops with detail on the shoulders that gives the appearance of more structure. Short legs require long lines and block colour to add length therefore a busy patterned skirt and different coloured tights (an extreme example!) will break the leg up far too much, creating the illusion of shorter, wider legs.
  11. The more detail on a part of the body, the more volume it will give it. This can be good for flat-chested women for example, as a brightly coloured blouse with a ruffle or pockets on the front will add volume.

Body Shape Guides that may be worth checking out: –

Many women also have to deal with body shape challenges when it comes to proportion in terms of: –

  • Plus Size Body (Main Challenge Area: Find it hard to Find Stylish Clothes and may want to Look Slimmer)
  • Tall Women (Main Challenge: Find it difficult to get clothes to fit well in the arms and legs, and often avoid heels)
  • Petite Women (Main Challenge: Find it hard to get clothes to fit well around the torso, shoulders and in terms in length.  Can look drowned easily)

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