Tall Women Style Tips

These Body Shape Style Tips are intended specifically for women who are feeling lost with their personal style and need some guidelines and boundaries to start with, until they find their confidence.

The best thing about fashion is that anything goes!  You can pull off pretty much anything if it authentically suits your personality and you have the confidence to pull it off.  However if you don’t, I have found that some of these style tips have helped my clients to start off by experimenting with new looks, leading eventually to greater confidence.

Tall Women

I am not a tall woman at 5’3” however I have worked with many women who are 5’7” and above who find their height more of a hindrance than a help.

I on the other hand would love not to have to rely on heels and platforms to make me look taller, however that is my lot and I make the most of it, and that is what I would suggest to all women who think the grass is always greener!  It rarely is!

Length Matters

Tall women often have more of a problem getting clothes to fit in terms of length and were as petite women can take things to the tailors to get a few inches of fabric cut off, tall women have to find the extra length from somewhere and this can be tricky!

Don’t ever though settle for trousers that are too short for your legs as this will look like you have borrowed someone else’s clothes.

More than ever shops now offer longer length trousers and many high street names cater for the tall market, however some brands naturally cut their trousers in longer lengths so this is a great place to start by getting to know which brands work for your height.

Try on as many trousers in as many stores as you can to find which fit your length the best as brands will differ in terms of how much extra length they offer. It is always better to buy longer and then get them adjusted rather than spending hours and hours trying to find the perfect fit. As long as they fit well everywhere else, length can always be shortened and sometimes lengthened.

Break up Length

It’s a good idea to always create balance in your figure by breaking up the length of the body, so that you don’t look like your body goes endlessly up and down.

Use belts over layered tops, or cardigans and jackets to do this.  Use necklaces or scarves to break up the length of your long torso and create more interest in your outfits.

Accessories are great for giving the eye a point of interest and on a long body, you can often get away with far bolder choices in terms of accessories, which can really make your personality stand out.

Tops, Dresses and Jackets

If you’re tall and slim with a boyish frame, look to create more womanly curves with your outfit choices.

Use frills, ruffles and patterns up top to create the illusion of a bust and waist if you have a boyish frame.

Details such as fringing, pattern and embellishment you will be able to carry off like a true catwalk queen.

Try to avoid block colour from head to toe unless you are going to break it up with accessories otherwise you may look too up and down.

Maxi dresses and jumpsuits in bold prints will look fantastic on you as a casual summer staple worn with sandals.  Cocktail length dresses for the evening will also look fantastic, but again go for styles that have some detail on them whether it is pattern, colours, embellishments or three dimensional details.

Dressing the Leg

I would often tell clients to avoid cropped trousers in some cases as they can make you look like your trousers have shrunk!  Luckily for you however you can wear many current fashionable trouser styles that some of your shorter counterparts would not be able to get away with such as looser cropped cuffs where the cuff falls just below the knee giving your legs more depth. Wear them with soft loose fabrics up top and achieve a current soft tailoring look.

Softer shapes on the leg mean that they flatter your tall figure. However don’t be afraid to try skinny or cigarette styles which are usually cut longer in the length. They will show off your long pins perfectly and offer a leaner silhouette. Wear with a looser chiffon vest that falls just on or below the waist to create a modern look. If you’ve got good legs don’t be afraid to go for modern tailored shorts with t-shirts, blazers and flats.

Tops and Jackets

Taller figures can also tend to get away with more of a dropped waist as well as their height can carry it off.

Look for longer length blazers and layer over t-shirts and shirts with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual take on this classic piece. Shorter jackets may tend to look too short on your torso and sometimes 3/4 length sleeves can look like you are wearing someone elses jacket!


Don’t always feel like you have to wear flats! There’s nothing sexier than a tall woman in heels who isn’t afraid to show off that height. Opt for chunkier heels, strappy or coloured shoes which will break up the leg more balancing out your height. Try to steer away from very pointed stiletto heels which could make your legs look disproportionately long.


You can get away with large statement shoppers and maxi clutches and should go for these styles rather than small bags which look too small next to your tall body.

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