Lose Inches From Your Waist Instantly

Lose Inches From Your Waist Instantly

When you want to shave inches off your waist instantly, there’s one thing you need to look at – that’s your bra!

90% of my clients are wearing the wrong size bra when I first meet them!  

Each was astounded when they saw for themselves how a good bra can make your waist look smaller and tummy flatter!   For that reason alone, it’s worth checking!

Laying Good Foundations

Bad underwear is like building a house on sand!

As a Personal Stylist I always started with underwear when it came to my clients as it is one of the easiest things to fix and has the most dramatic effects.  You literally can look a size smaller with a well-fitting bra!  Worth a go eh girls?!

You can go and get professionally measured for free but you should understand the principles of a well-fitting bra in order to ensure you get it right.  If you start trying new clothing and styles without addressing this issue first, it will be like to trying to build a mansion on a pile of sand!

Size Can Vary

To give a rough and general guide to back size, a UK size 10 woman is usually a back size 32; size 12 is a 34; size 14 is a 36 and so on. However I must stress this is a general guide based on my experience and not based on other popular methods of bra fitting used in some department stores with a tape measure.

Also every brand and style of bra is entirely different, so you can’t really apply such a black and white method to such an individual thing. It’s important you learn what a bad and good fitting bra looks like; so that you can ensure you are properly fitted.

Benefits of a well-fitting bra are physically obvious when you get it right such as a longer slimmer waist, flatter stomach and more toned and youthful looking bust.

Clothes will fit and sit better with a well supporting and shape enhancing bra; and that it is well worth the investment in a new one.

Key Points for Trying On Bras


  • The position of the band should be horizontal all the way around and should sit mid-back.
  • The middle panel at the front should sit flat against the breastbone.
  • You should comfortably be able to run a finger underneath the band.
  • If the band rides up the back, try a band size down and cup size up.
  • It should feel snug without rubbing. Bear in mind you may have been wearing the wrong bra size for a while, so you may be more aware of the band at first when you try the right size on. In 10 minutes or so it should be perfectly comfortable.
  • Usually most women are wearing a band size that is too big and a cup size too small; therefore you come down a band size and up a cup size (or two).


  • Try the bra on using the first (nearest) hook to ensure correct back size.
  • The other hooks are to be used when the bra loses elasticity.
  • If you are pregnant, do the opposite. Start on the tightest hook and let out as you grow.


  • If the straps dig in, the band is too loose – try a size smaller.
  • If the straps fall down, the band is too tight – try a band size larger.
  • Sometimes the straps can just need tightening up or adjusting to fit, so ensure you check they are comfortable yet fit snugly to the shoulders. They shouldn’t rub.


  • Lift the breast up and place it into the cup.
  • If there is overspill, try the next cup size up.
  • If there are creases or gaps in the cup, try a band size down.

Styles of Bras

The style of bra is also important to the overall shape it provides. The two main types of bust are full and shallow. For shallow the usual aim is to add volume and depth so opt for moulded, plunge, full cups and padded to give an extra boost. Use chicken fillets (gel inserts) if needed.

For fuller busts a good technique is to ‘lift and separate’, so balconettes or semi balconnetes can give a great shape and make you appear a size slimmer, especially around the waist and tummy.

Obviously for larger busts, it is vital that the bra provides enough support for the weight of the bust so look for a quality bra. Even small busted women should invest in good quality undergarments and stop grabbing a bra in the clothing section whilst getting their groceries at the supermarket.  Tempting I know!

By a ‘full’ bust I mean that you have quite rounded breasts that have volume on the top half of the boobs. You have quite a natural cleavage. Using the styles suggested above will ensure that the breasts don’t look squashed together creating too much of a cleavage.

A shallow bust isn’t as full on top and tend to look flatter without a bra when you look at them side on, so achieving a cleavage is usually more difficult without the right bra.
All in all it’s definitely worth the time and effort to get the correct bra, otherwise there’s no point even hoping that any outfits will look their best.

You don’t need lots of bras in every shade, colour and style, so it doesn’t need to break the bank. For day to day styles go for something smooth and plain in a nude colour and a black version, which will cover most eventualities for every-day use. More detailed or colourful versions will be fine for those times when you want to feel a bit sexier and you may need a strapless for special occasion dresses, but you can cross those bridges when you come to them.

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