When You Have Nothing To Wear, Try This…

Do you often utter the words, I have nothing to wear when staring in to a wardrobe full of clothes?

Do you often try on a number of outfits before leaving the house?

Do you often feel a bit ‘blah’ about your outfit when you get to work and see what someone else is wearing?

Here are my top tips to revive your Style Mojo!

When You Have Nothing to Wear, Let Your Feelings Guide Your Look

THE most important question I ask all of my clients who have nothing to wear, before taking them shopping or doing a wardrobe consultation is ‘How do you want to feel?’  If you have nothing to wear, it’s likely that you haven’t got the clothes to match how you want to feel!

Think about how you want to FEEL.  Often this is the best way to re-focus your mind when it comes to what to wear.  Think about how you want to FEEL,  BE or how you want to LOOK, and what to wear will follow…

For example, do you want to feel powerful, relaxed, managerial, sexy, laid-back?  Would you like to look effortless, fashionable, stylish, on-trend, unique, quirky, off-the-wall?  Do you want to be taken seriously, would you like to blend-in or stand-out or create an air of authority?

If you focus on how you want to feel, look and be seen, you should start to get ideas on what to wear.

Do a Wardrobe Detox

Sometimes, you have nothing to wear because of two main things: –

a) Overwhelm – too many clothes.

b) Underwhelm – not enough options.

If you have too  many clothes, and you can’t actually really see what you have to work with (cluttered wardrobe, multiple things on hangers and shoes all over the place) you need to have a good wardrobe detox!

If you have too few clothes, you genuinely are lacking in options and probably lacking in inspiration too!  If this is the case, you need to take a step back and revisit point 1.  Work out how you want to look, feel and be see, and use these words to find images on Pinterest and in magazines for looks that you like that embody these words.

Work Out What You Actually Have to Wear

Doing a wardrobe detox can help you to get really clear on what you ACTUALLY have to wear each day!  Sometimes we think we have lots of clothes, but when it comes down to it, many might not fit, might not be appropriate for the current weather, may be in disrepair or actually don’t feel very nice to wear!  Once you’ve got rid of all these, you may not have that many things left!

What’s Missing?

Most often the reason women can’t decide what to wear in the morning, is that they really KNOW how they want to look, they just haven’t managed to build a capsule wardrobe around that concept.

Most women I meet KNOW how they want to look, and have wonderful taste in clothes; however they are distracted by shiny object syndrome when they go shopping!!  This happens to the best of us!

This happens when you KNOW you need a new pair of smart, indigo jeans to pull your wardrobe together, but you get distracted by looking at new platform heels which feel far more fun to buy!

Jot it Down

I like to keep a notebook in one the drawers in my wardrobe and whenever I come to get dressed and can’t make an outfit work because I’m missing something, I write it down.  This becomes my shopping list, just like you do at home in your kitchen for food shopping!

If you’re currently feeling lost or overwhelmed with your wardrobe, click on the below image to get your FREE 7 Day Capsule Wardrobe Builder – start making getting dressed a pleasure rather than a pain!

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