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Unleash The #StyleBoss In You!

Our Personal Stylist Courses are for stylish ladies who want to be the Ultimate #StyleBoss and embark on a new career that is flexible, exciting, financial rewarding, and of course, totally fashion filled!

“THANK YOU so much for – it was fabulous, can’t tell you how grateful I am. More than anything it confirmed that I’ve made all the right decisions about my future and I can truly move forward with total confidence now. Your energy quite simply takes my breath away – this is fantastic – just what the Industry is crying out for.”  Jan, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Train to be a Successful Personal Stylist

For 10 years The Practical Stylist has been re-defining, re-investing and re-invigorating women’s wardrobes across the land.  Our Personal Stylist Courses combine all the years of this knowledge in to a teachable formula that you can use to set yourself up in business as a Personal Stylist!

The Practical Stylist was founded by Nicola Fulstow.  Nicola left the corporate career in Marketing in 2007 to embark on a career, that on paper, she had NO experience or skills in.  All she had was the desire to help women feel good about themselves and an obsession with fashion magazines (and buying what was in them!)

Nicola started from nothing.  Not 1 client.  No website.  Social media wasn’t huge at the time – it was just gaining traction.  Nicola trained with an expert in the industry and then started to gain experience day after day with more and more women.  7 years later she was training other stylists to create their own businesses.

It was after Nicola had her 2 daughters that she realised just how much working as a self-employed Personal Stylist could give you in terms of quality of life. Flexibility to pick up kids from school. Great earning potential. Working with beautiful clothes and accessories, and the ultimate job satisfaction of helping women to feel amazing again!  Talk about the feel good factor!


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Why Train With Us?

There are lots of training companies out there who can teach you how to be a personal stylist or image consultant.  There are members clubs, federations and institutes who can provide support so why train with us?

  • Throughout the course you’ll learn how to improve your own style and identify styles and colours that will look amazing on yourself!  Your wardrobe is going to get EVEN better!
  • You’ll learn EXACTLY step by step how Nicola built a client base of hundreds of women from nothing.
  • You’ll get tonnes of FREEBIES along the way in the form of printables, look books, resources…..the list is endless, and it doesn’t have to stop after you finish your training either!
  • Our Personal Stylist Courses are designed for BUSY women, who want get the maximum education in the least amount of time.  Nicola herself is a busy mum to two young girls, so understands the pressures of both family and a career, and the frustrations this can cause when you are desperate to start a new career.  So whether you have a family, a full-time career or both, we aim to get you trained up in 2 days, ready to rock n roll.
  • We’re not just about training women how to style people.  We’re about helping you to program your mind for success, grow your audience, create a successful business and ultimately generate an income by doing something you absolutely LOVE!
  • Nicola Fulstow teaches all Personal Stylist Courses personally.  This way, you get to learn from the Master first hand and see the way she works, and hear her story first hand.
  • We’re one of the few (maybe the only?) personal styling training companies outside of London and this gives us a HUGE advantage!  The London market for personal styling can be very different than the market in the rest of the country.  Whilst London training companies are just as knowledgable as us about styling, they may not have an appreciation for the way you will need to build your business outside of the UK’s capital or abroad.  We have the answers because we’ve done it first-hand and got the t-shirt!
  • We then offer continuous support, motivation, mentoring, training and inspiration to help you to get better and get more business.
  • You can call your business what you want, and operate where you want.

Personal Styling and Personal Shopping is increasing in demand year up year.

Our secret to the success of our Personal Stylist Course lies in our approach to our clients – a practical approach that works, and can be taught to anyone with a natural eye and flair for style!

This is a great opportunity to learn first hand what it takes to set up a personal shopping and styling business in the UK from the expert herself!  Our Personal Stylist Courses teach enable you to understand how to style your clients with high-street brands, how to take your clients through a wardrobe consultation and deliver a personal shopping service that will leave them brimming with confidence and reaping in the compliments.

If you’re serious about setting up your new business, whether part-time or full-time, this is the course for you to learn the essentials of how to deliver profitable appointments that make a real difference to your clients image, confidence and wardrobe.

“I had the good fortune training with Nicola as I am embarking on my own business in Style Consultancy. I trawled the web for months looking for the best Style training available, and believe me I found it! My time with Nicola was inspiring, thorough, comprehensive and enjoyable.
I felt Nicola passed on in depth knowledge and a life times worth of experience in the Style industry…Nicola is down to earth, a tough task master (she makes you work!) and a bright and passionate woman. I do not hesitate to recommend her first class training if you are venturing out into this Industry alone.” Lisa Pauley-Cordes, Owner of Studio on the Green, Milton Keynes