Post-Training Support

Once you have qualified, you have the opportunity to join an Elite Squad of expert Personal Stylists and Shoppers, where you gain access to exclusive masterclasses, get access to insider information and can surround yourself with a network of like-minded stylists.

Business Profile – Get New Business
Every member gets a searchable profile page on the The Practical Stylist website, which can link to your website if you have one. This way your business can benefit from any press or awareness generated by the The Practical Stylist  and through our excellent and ever-increasing search engine success and high Google rankings, which can take small businesses and new websites years to achieve.

Monthly Bundles

Our monthly style bundles brings you the latest from the world of Personal Shopping and Fashion Advice providing you with key pieces from the high-street that can help your clients; advice on how to generate more business; general advice and topics on how to please clients and get repeat business and lots more. Each month we will choose common topics that will crop up with your clients so that you build a wealth of stock solutions and answers to any challenges you may come up against.

Look Books

We work together with major retailers to provide you with key trend updates, style buys for your clients and top picks on the high-street. You will not only see what you should be buying for your clients but also the reasons WHY they are such great pieces, how to mix and match them and how to sell them to your customer. These style guides are also great tools to use with clients each season to inspire them as to how fantastic they’ll look once you have worked together; and for use in wardrobe consultations when you need to refer to a key piece that they are missing in their wardrobe.

Invitations to New Collection Launches

Each season The Practical Stylist brings you exclusive events or webcasts where you can preview new collections from the high-street and talk with Fashion Brand Experts about their ranges. This gives you the opportunity to plan for your clients in advance and ensure they are the first to grab the hottest pieces on the high-street and off the runway.

Further Learning and Development

Anyone working in the Fashion industry knows how important it is to stay on top of your game and continually learn new skills and find solutions for your clients. The Practical Stylist  provides courses, webinars and training throughout the year on various topics such as Profiling Your Clients; How to be more Time Efficient; How to Use Social Media; How to Fit Bras; Shopping for Male Clients; Corporate Image; Networking Skills and lots more.

We also have some very exciting new developments coming in 2018 that can help to take your expertise and business to a whole other level!


Our website has a members only resource section where you can download and utilise a number of invaluable free business resources such as tip sheets, press releases, articles, instruction guides and client questionnaires that you can use in your business.

The Facebook Page

Chat online with other members and post or respond to questions. Upload information you have found useful or offer your expertise to other members. Looking for some specific help on a particular subject or a particular contact in a certain industry. You’d be surprised how well connected and knowledgeable our members are, so use their expertise and support to your advantage. However remember to pay it forward and help others. You get what you give!

Emotional Support

The Practical Stylist  knows how tough it is to stay motivated, connected and energised and make it our mission to keep the spirits of our members uplifted by bringing fun, laughter and support to our exclusive and carefully selected members. Use our forum to chat with friends and colleagues, or perhaps an online Business Advisor or come along to a fun The Practical Stylist  trip to the theatre; pamper day or meal out and take a day off to refresh and refocus. The Practical Stylist  encourage health and wellbeing and provide you with excellent tips, expert workshops and access to special discounts that help you to be the best you can be in every way – health, body and mind, so put yourself first for a day!