Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper Masterclass

Price £325 / Up to 4 Hours 


The Personal Shopping Masterclass is a perfect follow on from the Wardrobe Consultation.

Together we’ll hit the shops (usually The Trafford Centre, Manchester is my stomping ground) and we’ll ensure that all of those gaps in your wardrobe are now filled.

During a well spent 3 – 4 hours with me on our personal shopping masterclass you’ll discover:  –

  • How empowered you feel when you know exactly how to approach updating your wardrobe
  • Capsule pieces that you LOVE that you can wear every day, and will complete your existing wardrobe
  • Realise that shopping for the basics doesn’t mean clothes have to look or feel basic!
  • Shopping can be fun when you discover just how good you can look in the right styles / colours and proportions
  • Find styles, colours and brands you have never tried before that look incredible
  • Understand that shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be overwhelming, disappointing or frustrating if you approach it in the right way
  • Accessories can make a lot of difference!
  • Discover new WOW items that you fall in love with and realise that day to day wear doesn’t have to be bland or boring.  Even if it DOES have to be functional and practical.
  • Retail therapy can be good for the soul, and a woman’s confidence IF she buys the right things and doesn’t waste a penny!

If you have events coming up where you want to look incredible, we can of course ensure we cover that too and find you ‘the dress’ to suit the occasion.  However this usually isn’t the sole reason people shop with me.  Women are usually really, really good at occasion-wear for themselves!  That’s because it’s the ONE TIME they usually spend lots of time and care thinking about how they want to look and be perceived.  A personal shop with me will do the same thing for you focusing on how you look every single day.



A personal shop with LABEL8 is brilliant for any woman who is time poor but loves to look and feel amazing.  I’ll have you in and out in under 4 hours with an entirely updated wardrobe for EVERY occasion, a head filled with style inspiration and empowered with knowledge that will serve you for years to come.

If you usually hate shopping, or have fruitless shopping trips, I can re-ignite your love of clothes again and get you excited about your wardrobe.  Even if you still don’t enjoy shopping at the end of it, your wardrobe will still be fully updated and you won’t have to shop again for at least another 6 months!



The difference between a FREE in-store Personal Shopper and me, is that I am working for YOU, not trying to sell clothes.

I don’t take commission on sales so have no ulterior motives when it comes to our recommendations.  I only care about one person – and that’s you.

I’m also a bit different from a Style Advisor or Personal Shopper in-store that you might come across.  I’m not put under any pressure to make sales in order to keep my job because my job is to educate you, not sell product.  I’m also not given certain targets to sell a particular brand or item in-store each week.  I simply show you what I feel is right for you.

However if you’re a bit skint and can’t afford the investment, our free fellow Personal Shoppers and Style Advisors in-store can be very knowledgable and can give you some style suggestions that you may love.

I take my style advice to the next level because I know you better.  I’ve seen your wardrobe.   I understand your life, and what you like (and hate).  I’ve had in-depth conversations about your situation, your life, and we have a plan to get you back on track.

Unfortunately Style Advisors in a store don’t get that kind of time to spend with you in order to truly understand essential additional factors that affect your style, that go beyond looking good.



Based in the North West, this is where I offer Personal Shopper services.  I mainly shop at The Trafford Centre as it has EVERYTHING we need under one roof.  If it rains (which it often does) it makes not a jot of difference to our shopping day!  I know the shopping centre like the back of my hand.  The stock and the staff are all familiar to me, so this enables me to offer the best and most efficient service possible.

Please also note that weekend and evening appointments are NOT available for this service.  The shops are too busy for it to be a pleasurable shopping experience for you.  I love my job but even I can’t handle busy shops!

If you are interested in a Personal Shopper Experience with me please get in touch here.  If you want to purchase a Personal Shopping Trip you can purchase your experience online here.